金曜日に、奇跡的な体験をしました! 事故以来、初めて独りで走りました!!




 I had an amazing experience on last Friday! I ran by myself (without a guide) for the first time since I had an accident!! Thanks to Google, I am honored to be invited Google Project Guideline for athlete with Paralympics Gold Medalists, Mr. Junichi Kawai, Mr. Shigeo Yoshihara and Mr. Keiichi Kimura. 

I walked cautiously for the first 150m or so, then getting used to walk alone. When I reached 200m, I started jogging. My face was little nervous at the beginning, but I noticed it was changing to smile to a big smile. The others ran very fast, but I kept my own pace as I’m a ‘blind beginner’. I could run few laps and feel so refreshed. 

Friends saw the movie said ‘Great, Oliver!’, but the greats are the technology and Google! I look forward this system applied to every track, sidewalk and swimming pool in very near future. 

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